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Lawn Care & Maintenance

From the curb, your lawn is the first thing that people will notice. The state of the lawn will speak volumes about you and your home or business. That is why people make an effort to maintain their lawns. Researchers found that lawns and greenery can relax and de-stress people and boost productivity. So, that is another reason to have attractive and well-maintained lawn care Arlington TX.



We realize that the right landscape can make or break a garden. So, as a part of our landscaping services in Arlington, TX, we offer a wide range of bespoke services. We help commercial and residential customers create stunning landscapes that improve the curb appeal of their properties besides boosting their value.


Weed Control

A lush and healthy garden with flowering plants and green shrubs can soothe the eyes and soul. However, every garden also has to deal with weeds. They can make a beautiful garden look unsightly, and weeds can ruin your property’s curb appeal. That is why we offer stellar weed control services in Arlington, TX.

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A Few Words About Us

Finding the right professionals for lawn service Arlington TX, does not have to be expensive. We realize that our customers are looking for a professional who offers superior lawn care services for affordable prices. That is why you should connect with us. We cater to residential and commercial customers and we provide a whole range of lawn care services that help to enhance the curb appeal of your property and also make your property stand out in the neighborhood.

In case you are tired of spending a lot of money on lawn care services but are not receiving the level of service you expected, it is time to connect with us. We offer all the services you require under one roof to keep your lawn looking stunning regardless of the weather and season.

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Certified Experts

We have a team of born and raised Texans who take pride in their work. Every lawn is a special project!

Quality Services

We guarantee the best quality in lawn services Arlington TX and maintenance! We promise to never rush through a scheduled job.

Affordable Pricing

We understand pricing is always a factor in selecting a service like this. We will do everything possible to meet your budget!

Lawn Mowing

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We take pride in meeting the lawn mowing needs of our commercial and residential customers. Lawn mowing can be tedious and if you are unaware of the nuances of mowing, you could irreparably damage the grass. Also, if the mowing is not done correctly, you may end up with uneven grass and bald patches.

As experts in lawn mowing, we understand what it takes to mow lawns why homeowners and businesses love and desire neat and evenly mowed lawns. Periodic lawn mowing can keep your garden looking attractive and neat. You do not have to worry about the grass growing wild and giving your home or workplace an unkempt appearance.

We have a team of lawn mowing Arlington TX experts who thoroughly inspect your lawn before starting the mowing process. Our lawn experts know the exact height that the blades should be cut to and that ensures that the grass does not get damaged. We also check the grass while mowing and if we feel that it needs more water or fertilizer, we will let you know.

Our team has the right equipment to mow the lawn and we make sure that you clean up after we finish the work. We will leave your lawn looking meticulous, with not a single blade of grass out of shape.

Our lawn mowing service is designed to boost the visual appeal and value of your property. You can trust us to do a thorough job. We even style the edges and mow around hardscapes that are present on the lawn. You will be please with the results once we finish and will have no qualms in calling the next time you require lawn mowing.

To find more about our lawn mowing services in Arlington, Texas, connect with us right away. We would be happy to give you a no-obligation estimate.

Pruning can be dangerous if you do not know how to do it correctly. Also, incorrect pruning and trimming can damage hedges, shrubs, and trees. And, if the work calls for a ladder, there are chances that you could fall and injure yourself. That is why you should call a professional trimming service in Arlington, TX. We have a wealth of experience in trimming and pruning all kinds of plants and trees.

We have been diligently serving the trimming needs of commercial and residential customers across the city to make their properties beautiful and cynosure of all eyes. We have the expertise to transform shrubs and hedges to make them focal points of a garden, and that, in turn, helps your garden stand out and look eye-catching.

Our professional trimming services in Arlington, Texas, are designed to cater to all your requirements. Our staff is trained to use the right tools to trim and train shrubs and hedges so that they look beautiful and well-maintained. We use the best industry practices and put the safety of our staff at top priority. We are licensed and insured so you have nothing to worry about.

We make it a point to understand your requirements and accordingly trim and prune the plants and trees in your garden. We are creative and can create masterpieces if you desire. We treat every plant, shrub, hedge, and tree with the loving care they deserve and when we finish, we are certain that you will be satisfied with our work.

Our trimming services are a mix of knowledge and art. We create masterpieces that attract attention for all the right reasons. We ensure that the hedge lining your driveway is neat and cut the right size so that there are no blind corners or hidden spots for intruders to hide. We ensure every shrub and tree in your yard is pruned and trained so that your garden or yard has a neat and organized look and feel to it.

You will be amazed to see how versatile we are when it comes to trimming. We can undertake big or small projects, and the size of the garden or yard does not matter. Whether you want your workplace to look well-maintained or you would like some semblance of neatness around your garden, we are the right professionals for it.

Get in touch with us today for a no-obligation quote. We would be more than happy to collaborate with you so that you can find out why we are the preferred trimming services in Arlington, TX.

Fallen leaves, broken branches and twigs, mowed lawn, and other garden debris can make your garden look untidy. This happens more so during fall and through the winter months. That is why we recommend to our commercial and residential customers to avail of our garden cleanup services in Arlington, TX.

We make it a point to clean your garden thoroughly and get rid of dead leaves, branches, twigs, and shrubbery that may have built up over the months. Getting rid of garden waste will make your garden safer and healthier. Garden waste can prevent plants and grass from getting oxygen, sunlight, and water, and this can take a toll on their well-being. With our garden cleanup service, order can be restored and your plants, lawn, and trees will flourish.

Once we finish the cleanup, you can spend time in the garden without worrying about bugs and other critters. It will be a pleasure to commune with nature, especially if the garden is clean and neat.

Our garden cleanup services also get rid of unwanted hardscape and other garden accessories. We make it point to dispose of all items responsibly. If possible, we try to upcycle or recycle certain elements from your garden. The green waste is converted into organic compost that can be used by gardeners across Arlington, TX.

Get in touch with us today to get a quote for our garden cleanup services. We provide cleanup throughout the year to commercial and residential customers.

Whether you are a homeowner or property owner, we have a landscaping service that is right for you.

Custom Landscaping: No two gardens are the same and that is why we never use the “one-size-fits-all” approach. We offer customized landscaping services based on your requirements. Whether you are looking to have drought-resistant plants, vibrantly colored flowers, or you would prefer to have low-maintenance plants, you can depend on us to design and create a stunning garden that will be your very own oasis and haven. We handle all aspects of the landscaping.

Landscape Removal: We realize that people like change. So, to ensure that you can create your garden the way you see fit, we offer landscape removal services. As a part of this, we can remove unwanted bushes, shrubs, hedges, cleanup flower beds, and get rid of a rockery, pavers, and pathways that you no longer require.

Hardscapes: Our team of landscaping experts is specialized in installing hardscapes around gardens. Whether you are looking for a water element or you want to create a desert landscape with drought-resistant plants and rocks, you can depend on us. We install pavers, pathways, and custom walkways to suit your needs and beautify your garden. If you like, we can install benches and arbors to make your green paradise more welcoming and inviting.

Drainage: If you have an issue with water stagnating in your garden, we work to find a bespoke solution to get rid of the problem. We can install drains that lead to a water harvesting unit, install sod or provide a minor slope gradient to ensure you do not have to contend with standing water around your garden or property.

Irrigation: As a part of our landscaping services in Arlington, Texas, we also install irrigation systems and sprinklers around gardens. We look to optimize usage of water and that is why each customer gets a unique and customized solution.

Besides these services, we also provide fence installation and repair. In case a landscaping service is not listed here, do get in touch with us and we would be happy to resolve your issue with the help of our expert landscapers.

In Arlington, residential and commercial properties have to deal with weeds, like crabgrass, dandelion, and chickweed. They can be quite persistent and hard to get rid of, and before you know, not just your garden but even your flowerbeds and driveway will have weeds growing in abundance.

Besides detracting from the beauty of your garden, weeds also feast on the vital nutrients, depriving your plants of them. As a result, your plants will look unhealthy. Also, a surfeit of weeds mars the look and feel of your property. It will give your property an unkempt appearance.

We use organic weed control methods that do not harm flowering plants and fruit-bearing trees. That way, you do not have to be overly worried if you have butterflies, bees, birds, and other wildlife visiting your garden.

As a leading weed control service provider in Arlington, TX, we provide our services throughout the year. So, if you feel you have a weed issue, get in touch with us. We will inspect your garden and recommend the best treatment based on the weeds you have. We ensure that we restore your garden’s beauty, health, and vitality.

Our weed control experts have a wealth of knowledge on how to tackle a wide array of weeds. We even can easily handle chronic weed problems and will come up with a solution that rids them from your garden. We are capable of getting rid of grassy, annual, and seasonal weeds.

You can rest assured knowing that our weed control treatments are effective and you will be impressed with the results. So, get in touch with us today to learn more about our unique and result-oriented weed control solutions.

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